TOTEM Game-enhancing eco-neutral golf tees will benefit golfers, course managers & superintendents, and the environment—claims that no other tee manufacturer can make.

More specifically they offer the following benefits:

For Golfers of all Levels:

  • Legendary distance due to significantly reduced spin rate
  • Unparalleled accuracy as a result of a tighter dispersion pattern...even in strong winds
  • Less club head deflection
  • More accurate ball strike
  • Promotes a better angle of attack

For the Environment:

  • Made of 100% recyclable materials
  • Biodegrades faster than wood or synthetic tees
  • Presents no danger to flora or fauna
  • Supports aeration of tee boxes

For Course Owners & Greens Keepers:

  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Less damage to mowers and equipment
  • Reduced insurance costs for maintenance crews
  • More time spent in other maintenance pursuits

Golf Council's family consists of an accomplished golf equipment designer and OEM consultant, and a widely respected network of industry experts and golf enthusiasts. Together, this diverse group represents well over 100 years of collective expertise in the game.

Our mission is two-fold.  We want you to hit more fairways and greens in regulation and have more fun out there, no matter what level of golf you've obtained. We also want to make it easy for you to lessen your impact on the environment every time you're out there.

We believe the TOTEM achieves both. Your thoughts?

Because it's not about us...

...It's all about you and the game you love.